Saturday, 13 October 2018


 व्रद़्ध पुराना दरख़त खड़ा हैं,
लेकर अपनी टहनी का बोझ,
पत्ते भी अब बड़े हो चले,
जो लिए हुए थे उसकी टोह ..

हवा की ओर मुँह मोड़ चुके हैं,
पाने को सूरज की ओट,
लक्ष्य को पाने की चाह में,
चल पड़े हैं, पकड़ किरणों की पोर...

गिर कर उठना, उठकर सँभलना,
सीख लिया, थामकर समय की डोर,
आशियाना खुशीयों का बना लिया हैं,
धूप के हाथों में, थमा कर जीवन का छोर..

दरख़्त खड़ा सब देख रहा हैं,पगडण्डी पर राह नाप रहा हैं,
बेसबर-सा, मुस्कुरा रहा हैं सुनकर चिडीयों का शोर,
अपने दुख की छाले ढाँपे, खड़ा हुआ हैं भाव विभोर...

Friday, 21 September 2018

A Dream to Live Hundred Times

 Those were not just tears, they were clear dew drops coming out from your contented heart. I was standing far away watching you, but somewhere from there too, I could feel each drop of relief, happiness of the success which I had achieved. You could have come up to me to share the joy but you were masked in pride for me, so much so that I felt that people around were spellbound by your manly voice and your emotions.

I was peeping through that giant glass door, just to let myself a chance to see you a bit more. The way you were engrossed in talking about me to the people, I wasn't sure even if it was me or you who had actually achieved honors at college. Somehow I managed to get in there, through the crowd, to hold your hands. Oh, even my smell of sweat besides you could not pull you off from noticing me.

Couldn’t stand there waiting for you, so trudged your coat to seek your attention. A beaming smile on your face greeted me. The glow of smile on your face on unprecedented. I was mesmerized by looking at you, you were too close to me, your nicely trimmed beard, those small hair and your neat creased pant along with the coat with decorated medals on your broad, due to proud, shoulders.

I have always looked forward to you, and you have never failed to keep me motivated. Now am grown up by listening to your stories of bravery, those were not only stories but the memories of yours to cherish upon.

You cast away your magic toward me, the crowd too turned their heads towards me as if following your instructions. You started praising me, announcing to the people present that you were very proud of all my achievements, glorifying the fact that me being a daughter of a single parent, I had done a great job, I couldn’t stop noticing the divine radiance in your eyes. It was blinding me!

Amid all this, I heard an unexpected reverberation of something, a strong yell calling for me. Trying to ignore it, I wished to hear you even longer. But an unusual force was pulling me out, it was dragging me away from you!  

"Sarah! Wake up!! We will get late for your graduation ceremony, I don't want you to get late at least today!! "

Sarah was the only kid of James and Emily. Sarah was just four years old when her father was killed in the war between Germany and Russia in 1994. He was a brave warrior, for which the German government gave him national honors.

Since then, Sarah had always missed her father, weather it was her first dance performance in school or first fight with her best friend, she wanted to share every bit of her everyday routine with him.  

Being a single parent, her mother Emily had always tried to do her best to play the part of both parents. But somewhere she was aware of the fact that Sarah sometimes needed her father. But she always ignored and wanted her to tackle all the difficulties on her own.

Today was the day when Sarah was missing her father way more than ever. It was her graduation day, where she was going to receive an award for her outstanding performance, in the whole academic year. 

On way to the graduation ceremony, Sarah told Emily about the dream she had just before she woke up. The fantasy where she saw herself with dad, overjoyed on her achievement. The way, if he were alive, he would have reacted to her success. She almost felt her dad hands in hand. It left Emily and Sarah with wet eyes and an emotion unparalleled of missing James in their lives!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Gift a Smile, Little Acts of Goodness @Smilegifters

"Smile is a curve that sets everything straight."

I was scrolling through different kind of insta mags, so I came across this really very interesting account with a name called "Smilegifters", so I thought it will be a random account where, they might be posting quotes related to positivity. 

But it was something about people those who are really working hard to gift "Smile" on other's faces, and they call it as Little Acts of Goodness (LAOG). 

One of those LAOG, which inspired me a lot, was,story of Rakesh Nayyar "The man behind Mission Chai".

Being an "chai lover", every morning, very first thing, I look forward to, is my kitchen to grab a steaming hot cup of tea. Same way someone who delicately taking care of poor just by serving tea, to see them smiling in a way to bless him, is really appreciating. 

Rakesh Nayyar serves tea to poor patients of Kidwai Cancer Institute, he starts his mornings, Being and engineer with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), He is been doing this since 2015. Inspired by his selfless service, many have come forward to assist him.

The volunteers bring at least 10 ltrs. of tea and 10 ltrs. of Badam milk - prepared at home, to the hospital around 6.15 AM everyday.

While the tea is served to adult patients and their relatives, the milk is for pediatric patients, a pack of biscuits accompanies the beverages. The daily expenditure is of around 2500. 

He says " To understand what we do, one must take a tray of tea and biscuit to the patients and see the smiles on their faces."

When he was nursing his father-in-Law, who was suffering from Gangrene, at an Amritsar Hospital, he was served tea by a poor woman. that was a turning point in Nayyar's life, he soon approached KCI to begin the service. 

So once you start loving others you definitely learn to love yourself.

A small gift of smile, or a change can, undoubtedly can help you to bring transformation in yourself.

So Just love yourself, to spread smile.  

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Monday, 3 September 2018

You Only Fail, When you stop Trying

Congratulations Team India!!

It’s been truly an amazing performance by each and every participant, in Asiad 1951.
Yes! I am talking about the very first participation of India in Asian Games. That time the medal tally was of around 51 medals.
This incredibly awesome history of 1951 has been repeated in 2018, with 15 Gold in hand.
In 1951 Asian Games were started and hosted by India itself, and it was really amazingly, they stood second too.

That time Sachin Nag was the inspiration, for all, as he grabbed very first Gold of that season and then rest became the history.

This was the time when television in India got more craze among the Indians than radio or transistor.

We would have given-up, but once, if someone has tasted the victory, the passion, gets converted into hunger involuntarily. 

2018, wherein this time, The games saw India create new national records, register some firsts – first medal in sepaktakraw, Rahi Sarnobat became first Indian woman to win Asian Games gold in shooting and Vinesh Phogat became first Indian woman to win gold in wrestling.

Manjit Singh and Jinson Johnson are the first pair of Indians to win gold and silver in the same event since the inaugural Asian Games, in 1951 when Kulwant Singh won silver and Ranjit Singh won gold..

Neeraj Chopra won a historic gold medal in javelin throw by breaking his own national record (88.06m) and became only the second Indian after Milkha Singh (1958) to win Gold Medals at the Commonwealth and Asian Games in the same year.

Last not the least was bang on from Two of the oldest members of the Indian contingent at the ongoing Asiad, 60-year-old Pranab Bardhan and 56-year-old Shibhnath Sarkar, put their names on the medal tally for India on Saturday. The Indian duo won gold in bridge in the men's pair event at Jakarta, and that was the 15th Gold in India’s bag for this season.

We actually made it at 8th position this time, and am sure next time will come up with extra improved one.

The whole show had mix of age groups, with a mind-set of never give-up and don’t get scared by your past mistakes or failures. One should never stop trying.

It reminded me one line from a Ghazal of very famous Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh,

Na Umr ki seema ho, na Janmo ka ho bandhan, jab pyar kare koi, to dekhe keval man.
There should never be a limitation of Age or bond, if someone is having a feeling of love one should be judged on the basis of his soul.

But here the relevance of these lines is; you just love yourself or your passion, without thinking, what others will think.

Rest will be taken care by the records which you will break.

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Sunday, 2 September 2018

Unconditional Love

I was tensed; I was not getting my chums and was planning to go to doctor, And badly wanted it to come, coz I had to attend my best friend’s wedding and I didn’t want to spoil it, because there for sure I was going to have so much fun.

Then my husband gave it a random thought, obviously by which I was not so convinced. Still I thought of to give it a shot, and that idea was to use that pregnancy kit once.

So, we went on a long drive to freshen-up our mood and to get mentally prepared for whatever the result will be, because we both had to face that up. Then when we were returning we bought that kit from nearby medical shop.

I was in washroom, test result was in my hands, I was surprised, didn’t know how to react, and was not sure about to cry or to laugh. Then I asked my husband to go and buy another kit, because I was not ready to believe on that stupid stick. So again, he went and bought new one.

 This time also the test result was same, and again I asked my husband to go and get one more test kit, this time he said

“For the last time I’m going to get that fucking thing.”

Then again, he went to the same shop to buy that “future-deciding-stick”.

This time that shopkeeper asked my husband, 

"By using it again and again the result won’t change, go to the Doctor."

Then this was fourth and last time I was trying it, and my husband asked me to come out of the washroom for the god’s sake and to show him the result.

He saw the result, and that was positive and then he checked the rest of the sticks too, and all were positive. And we both had tears in our eyes and we gave a close look to each other and he grabbed me in his arms, which was the best feeling I ever had.

That feeling is still the same whenever we look at our 3-year-old boy.

That was the day, when I had a realisation of unconditional love, and taught me to Love Yourself

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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Internet Challenges or Dares

Being a social media freak I am also one of those who generally get inclined towards what is trending. And just because I believe in

“Life Begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Internet challenges can be fascinating to teens, which can be both impulsive and drawn to behaviour that draws attention, especially in social media. Some challenges, like the ALS ice bucket challenge or the mannequin challenge, can be fun.

Same way recently one Dance challenge was trending “Kiki Challenge”, which is a song “In My Feelings” by Drake, a Canadian rapper and a song writer, in which Drake is referring to his girlfriends or may be Ex girlfriends ;). That challenge of jumping out of a moving car and dancing along the Drake’s song ‘In my feelings’ at the risk of one self.

But that was something similar to committing suicide. Because jumping out of a moving car is a bit risky, but for teenagers it seems like adventure. And sometimes it they talk even like how “Darpok”(Coward) you are?

I too, believe in slight adventure in my life but not at the cost of my life. It is good to have fun in life, but never forget to “LoveYourself

What do you think guys?              

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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Fence of Border

Smell of farms, sounds of piglets feel me,
Just a bar, but their obsession chained me,
Pint of sweat, ounce of blood made me,
Oh! Man-at-arm you were there to fix me..

I felt jimmy's eyes loitering around me,
I peeped through thorns skulking upon me,
The stains of your blood were dilated on me,
Oh! My warrior your fury was there to secure me..

I wished berries to grow, swings to stroll by me,
I craved for meadows, cowboys to lean on me,
But only I got, was casualties swinging around me..
Oh! Soldier you were there to serve me.